brought to you by here studio

Location: ACCA, 111 Sturt St, Southbank
Wednesday 20 July, doors open 8:45pm

Brake, Break, Broke

here studio is very excited to bring you this special volume of Pecha Kucha as part of the opening night of the State of Design Festival.

Design that moves? Think putting on the brakes, think pause and stop, taking a break, think crashing, smashing, breaking, think broken, think going for broke. Design starts when we stop.

Speakers include:

Nicklas Wallberg, Tramsessions
Sarah Barrow & Michelle Gordon, artists
Jeremy McLeod, Breathe Architecture
Michael Leunig, cartoonist, philosopher, poet, artist
Danielle Wilde, inventor of hipDisk
Liam Revell, fashion designer
Ben Callery, Zen Architects
Jerome Frumar & Tim Schork, MESNE Design Studio

Free entry

info [at] pechakuchamelbourne [dot] com

Thank you to all of you for attending Pecha Kucha Volume #17 on Thursday 28 April 2011.

We teamed up with Antony di Mase (architect) and Dave Anderson (lighting designer) and asked speakers to answer a simple question: ‘what is light?’ Each of the speakers had something different to share – whether it be about artificial or daylighting in architecture, stage lighting, or capturing light through photography.

This very special volume of Pecha Kucha Night was located in an amazing basement space in Donkey Wheel House. We also collaborated with the organisers of an exhibition which was held in the same space at the same time – over fifty child+parent teams had made lamps out of recycled materials! There was a beautiful glow to the space and was most definitely inspiring!

Here are some photos of the night, by photographers Claire Miller and Neo Feliciano: