brought to you by here studio

Location: Arts House, Meat Market, 6 Blackwood St, North Melbourne
Date: Friday 23 November, doors open 6:00pm for art installation Gauge, talks from 7:30pm
Theme: Going Nowhere

Brought to you by here studio, and presented by Arts House, we are excited to announce Pecha Kucha Volume #20, a special volume of Pecha Kucha Melbourne with greetings from Tokyo, and the opening party for Going Nowhere. The event will take place in the amazing Meat Market hall amongst a multi-piece interactive art installation, musical performances and DJ.

Join us over three days at Arts House to explore the different ways that we – as artists and as audiences – can sustainably generate and share creative experiences across the globe. Without anyone getting on a plane.

We live in a globe where things are constantly moving and we are moving constantly around the globe; go here! fly there! be productive, more profitable, make more stuff… all at a cost to the environment. From this position… isn’t it important to stay at home? – get lost in the local? imagine the international? reconnect and nourish other ways of connecting? For our interactive-art-installation-20th-volume(!) we ask speakers in 20 slides to describe their excitement at the thought of GOING NOWHERE. Pow!

Cathy Oke – Local Politician, City of Melbourne
Stuart Candy – Futurist, ARUP
David Karoly – Climate Change Scientist, The University of Melbourne
Heidi Romano – Photography Journalist, Unless You Will
Rob McBride and Debbie-Lyn Ryan – Architects, McBride Charles Ryan
Lynda Roberts – Public Assembly
Madeline Flynn and Tim Humphrey – Artists of GAUGE installation
Mick Douglas – Art, Architecture and Design, RMIT

FREE ENTRY! but please book tickets so you don’t miss out!
drinks and snacks for sale at the bar

BOOK HERE: or call 03 9322 3713

Location: Rainforest Bar, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast, Queensland
Date: Friday 5 October, 7pm

Theme: COAST
Do you ever feel like you are just coasting along, business as usual, without a need to stir things up? Perhaps you find the project you are working on is going up and down like a roller coaster ride. Or maybe you are finally coasting towards the finish line. Pecha Kucha is coming to Currumbin and we want to know what exciting things people are doing in your coastal town. In true PK style we hope to find a collage of creative local people, some draw-cards and everyday characters. So coast on over — the coast is clear!

Tim Baker
Tristan Schultz
Filippa Araki
Shanene Ditton
David Klingberg
Libby Harward
John Dayman
Jed Cahill


drinks & finger food available for purchase at bar

RSVP info [at] pechakuchamelbourne [dot] com