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Location: The Workers Club, corner Gertrude and Brunswick Sts, Fitzroy
Date: Sunday 4 August, doors open 3:00pm, talks from 4:00pm, followed by a ‘roast’ dinner


We know its been a while since our last Pecha Kucha, so we thought we’d gather everyone for a Sunday roast, to find out how everyone has been spending their time.

Time is, after all, the ultimate material of any creative. You can’t make anything without at least a little time. And a little is never enough….

We want to know about the projects that have been taking their time, and yours; the slow burners, the ones that ran late, the deadlines missed and misplaced, the hang-ups, the holds ups, the G.F.C, the “wait and see”. The ideas that were ahead of their time and the ones that were “exactly two days slow”.

Alex Selenitsch, The University of Melbourne
Colleen Chen, intern magazine
Peter Malatt, Six Degrees
Radoslava Tosheva, student in Global Innovation Management