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Location: The Kelvin Club
Date: Tuesday 4 March, 6:30pm


Member’s Only!
Gentlemen’s clubs are mysterious and secret places. For Pecha Kucha vol#22 we explore the Kelvin Club, a Melbourne institution of nearly 150 years.

Club-sandwich. Boy’s Club. Footy club. Jack of Clubs. In Da Club. Golf club. Nightclub. Book Club. Network.

Which club did you always want to be part of? How did you break in? What made you leave, resist or relent? How can we work together and join forces? What can our collective action achieve?

Rita Liao, Cave Clan
Warwick Mihaly, Mihaly Slocombe
Stephen Taberner, Spookmeister
Cece Ojany, The Main Protagonist
Adam Pustola, Architect
Simon Howe, No Such Place
Yoko Inoue, Shoku Iku
Helen Pollard, Artea

+ Kevin Silberberg, Kelvin Club Treasurer and former President


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