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Location: The Workers Club
Date: Sunday 10 August 2014, 1pm


Problems are created and problems are solved, and there’s often a lot of surprise and unintentional consequences along the way. What’s your can of worms?

Inspirational Fact #1: the can opener wasn’t invented until 48 years after the invention of the can.

Inspirational Fact #2: worms are non-arthropod invertebrate animals forming important links in the food chains in ecosystems everywhere.

Angela Chong, social entrepreneur
Kate Dundas, 3000 acres
Leanne Giroto, Brain Tree
David Hood, Doing Something Good
Angie Orrego, Local Organics
Tanya Massy, South East Food Hub
Chris McLoghlin, Earth and Sky Organics
Rohan Mitchell, Open Food Network
Justin Walsh, Trentham Food Hub

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