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Location: Arts House, Meat Market, 6 Blackwood St, North Melbourne
Date: Friday 23 November, doors open 6:00pm for art installation Gauge, talks from 7:30pm
Theme: Going Nowhere

Brought to you by here studio, and presented by Arts House, we are excited to announce Pecha Kucha Volume #20, a special volume of Pecha Kucha Melbourne with greetings from Tokyo, and the opening party for Going Nowhere. The event will take place in the amazing Meat Market hall amongst a multi-piece interactive art installation, musical performances and DJ.

Join us over three days at Arts House to explore the different ways that we – as artists and as audiences – can sustainably generate and share creative experiences across the globe. Without anyone getting on a plane.

We live in a globe where things are constantly moving and we are moving constantly around the globe; go here! fly there! be productive, more profitable, make more stuff… all at a cost to the environment. From this position… isn’t it important to stay at home? – get lost in the local? imagine the international? reconnect and nourish other ways of connecting? For our interactive-art-installation-20th-volume(!) we ask speakers in 20 slides to describe their excitement at the thought of GOING NOWHERE. Pow!

Cathy Oke – Local Politician, City of Melbourne
Stuart Candy – Futurist, ARUP
David Karoly – Climate Change Scientist, The University of Melbourne
Heidi Romano – Photography Journalist, Unless You Will
Rob McBride and Debbie-Lyn Ryan – Architects, McBride Charles Ryan
Lynda Roberts – Public Assembly
Madeline Flynn and Tim Humphrey – Artists of GAUGE installation
Mick Douglas – Art, Architecture and Design, RMIT

FREE ENTRY! but please book tickets so you don’t miss out!
drinks and snacks for sale at the bar

BOOK HERE: or call 03 9322 3713

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