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National Architecture Week

Pecha Kucha Melbourne vol. 14 will take place in the middle of National Architecture Week on the evening of Wednesday 27 October!

This time, speakers take the PK stage to explore the place of architecture in your city, your neighbourhood and your home.

Beyond all aesthetic, technical and financial aspects of the professional responsibilities, the major concern [for architects]. . . is the social commitment of the profession . . . as well as the improvement of the quality of life through sustainable human settlements. (UNESCO/Union of International Architects Charter).

Yet, in Australia, the apparent contribution of architects to society is small, with only a tiny fraction of housing (an estimated 5% or less) being designed by architects, and a broad perception that architectural design is out of reach to all but a wealthy few. But is there more to the role than meets the eye?

The reality is that design is part of all our lives – from the car that gets you from A to B, to the fork you use to eat your lunch. Most of us wouldn’t put up with products that don’t do what they’re supposed to, so what makes us prepared to invest in a house that gets too hot in summer and costs a bomb to heat in winter? There are architects working in unexpected ways to improve our quality of life – through innovation in environmental sustainability, community advocacy and collaboration. Meanwhile, the increasing pressures of housing affordability and climate change call for radical changes in our built environment, so just what CAN architecture contribute?

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