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Location: Nest Coworking
Date: 29 Tuesday April 2014, 6:30pm


Is transformation more than change? Can we plan transformation? Or does it just happen? Can we miss transformation? Or only see it in hindsight? How does personal transformation relate to social transformation?

Stark, subtle, scary or splendid, come and hear amazing speakers on transformation – in their work, their world, and their minds!

Hannah Colman, Scarf Community
Megan Davis, Spendlove and Lamb
Lucinda Hartley, CoDesign Studio
Sally Goldner, Transgender Victoria
Lizzie O’Shea, Maurice Blackburn
Frank Ryan, Eco Fingerprint
Kurt Shean, Seven Suns
Justine Sless, Comedian
Will Tait, Our Planet Enterprises
Sheryl Thai, League of Extraordinary Women

$12 general
$7 concession
free for Nest members

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Location: The Kelvin Club
Date: Tuesday 4 March, 6:30pm


Member’s Only!
Gentlemen’s clubs are mysterious and secret places. For Pecha Kucha vol#22 we explore the Kelvin Club, a Melbourne institution of nearly 150 years.

Club-sandwich. Boy’s Club. Footy club. Jack of Clubs. In Da Club. Golf club. Nightclub. Book Club. Network.

Which club did you always want to be part of? How did you break in? What made you leave, resist or relent? How can we work together and join forces? What can our collective action achieve?

Rita Liao, Cave Clan
Warwick Mihaly, Mihaly Slocombe
Stephen Taberner, Spookmeister
Cece Ojany, The Main Protagonist
Adam Pustola, Architect
Simon Howe, No Such Place
Yoko Inoue, Shoku Iku
Helen Pollard, Artea

+ Kevin Silberberg, Kelvin Club Treasurer and former President


Tickets at the door!

Location: The Workers Club, corner Gertrude and Brunswick Sts, Fitzroy
Date: Sunday 4 August, doors open 3:00pm, talks from 4:00pm, followed by a ‘roast’ dinner


We know its been a while since our last Pecha Kucha, so we thought we’d gather everyone for a Sunday roast, to find out how everyone has been spending their time.

Time is, after all, the ultimate material of any creative. You can’t make anything without at least a little time. And a little is never enough….

We want to know about the projects that have been taking their time, and yours; the slow burners, the ones that ran late, the deadlines missed and misplaced, the hang-ups, the holds ups, the G.F.C, the “wait and see”. The ideas that were ahead of their time and the ones that were “exactly two days slow”.

Alex Selenitsch, The University of Melbourne
Colleen Chen, intern magazine
Peter Malatt, Six Degrees
Radoslava Tosheva, student in Global Innovation Management

10 years ago, the very first PechaKucha Night was held in Tokyo at SuperDeluxe, hosted by Klein Dytham Architecture.

Since then, over 600 cities around the world have hosted over 42,000 PechaKucha Nights (that’s well over 40,000 presentations, which means over 800,000 images shown)!

TONIGHT in Tokyo they are celebrating with their 100th volume of PechaKucha, and we have sent them this celebratory message from Melbourne!

Want to follow the event? You’ll be able to watch a live stream of it on the following page, starting at 20:20 JST (GMT +9) — pop in and join the chat!

Location: Arts House, Meat Market, 6 Blackwood St, North Melbourne
Date: Friday 23 November, doors open 6:00pm for art installation Gauge, talks from 7:30pm
Theme: Going Nowhere

Brought to you by here studio, and presented by Arts House, we are excited to announce Pecha Kucha Volume #20, a special volume of Pecha Kucha Melbourne with greetings from Tokyo, and the opening party for Going Nowhere. The event will take place in the amazing Meat Market hall amongst a multi-piece interactive art installation, musical performances and DJ.

Join us over three days at Arts House to explore the different ways that we – as artists and as audiences – can sustainably generate and share creative experiences across the globe. Without anyone getting on a plane.

We live in a globe where things are constantly moving and we are moving constantly around the globe; go here! fly there! be productive, more profitable, make more stuff… all at a cost to the environment. From this position… isn’t it important to stay at home? – get lost in the local? imagine the international? reconnect and nourish other ways of connecting? For our interactive-art-installation-20th-volume(!) we ask speakers in 20 slides to describe their excitement at the thought of GOING NOWHERE. Pow!

Cathy Oke – Local Politician, City of Melbourne
Stuart Candy – Futurist, ARUP
David Karoly – Climate Change Scientist, The University of Melbourne
Heidi Romano – Photography Journalist, Unless You Will
Rob McBride and Debbie-Lyn Ryan – Architects, McBride Charles Ryan
Lynda Roberts – Public Assembly
Madeline Flynn and Tim Humphrey – Artists of GAUGE installation
Mick Douglas – Art, Architecture and Design, RMIT

FREE ENTRY! but please book tickets so you don’t miss out!
drinks and snacks for sale at the bar

BOOK HERE: or call 03 9322 3713

Location: Rainforest Bar, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Gold Coast, Queensland
Date: Friday 5 October, 7pm

Theme: COAST
Do you ever feel like you are just coasting along, business as usual, without a need to stir things up? Perhaps you find the project you are working on is going up and down like a roller coaster ride. Or maybe you are finally coasting towards the finish line. Pecha Kucha is coming to Currumbin and we want to know what exciting things people are doing in your coastal town. In true PK style we hope to find a collage of creative local people, some draw-cards and everyday characters. So coast on over — the coast is clear!

Tim Baker
Tristan Schultz
Filippa Araki
Shanene Ditton
David Klingberg
Libby Harward
John Dayman
Jed Cahill


drinks & finger food available for purchase at bar

RSVP info [at] pechakuchamelbourne [dot] com

Location: The Workers Club, corner Brunswick & Gertrude Sts, Fitzroy
Date: Wednesday 18 April, doors open 6:30pm
Theme: Are you Serious?

here studio is very excited to bring you our first volume of Pecha Kucha for 2012!

Are you serious? Well, are you? Is it possible we’re taking things and ourselves a little too seriously these days?

The Comedy Festival hits Melbourne in April and we want to make you laugh…or at least make you think. Yes, life has a serious side and many of us design with it every day, but how about taking a step back for a moment?

What do you take seriously? What shouldn’t we take so seriously? What needs an injection of un-serious?


Speakers include:

Anna Blandford, Able & Game
Megg Evans, Brolly Design & Bennetts Lane Jazz Club
Mark O’Dwyer, H2O Architects
David Naylor, comedian and facilitator
Oslo Davis, cartoonist and illustrator
Peter Raisbeck, The University of Melbourne
Jade Cantwell & Angela Woda, Beate Adfectus
Peter Ho, PHOOEY Architects

Entry $10 full/$7 concession

info [at] pechakuchamelbourne [dot] com

Location: ACCA, 111 Sturt St, Southbank
Wednesday 20 July, doors open 8:45pm

Brake, Break, Broke

here studio is very excited to bring you this special volume of Pecha Kucha as part of the opening night of the State of Design Festival.

Design that moves? Think putting on the brakes, think pause and stop, taking a break, think crashing, smashing, breaking, think broken, think going for broke. Design starts when we stop.

Speakers include:

Nicklas Wallberg, Tramsessions
Sarah Barrow & Michelle Gordon, artists
Jeremy McLeod, Breathe Architecture
Michael Leunig, cartoonist, philosopher, poet, artist
Danielle Wilde, inventor of hipDisk
Liam Revell, fashion designer
Ben Callery, Zen Architects
Jerome Frumar & Tim Schork, MESNE Design Studio

Free entry

info [at] pechakuchamelbourne [dot] com

Thank you to all of you for attending Pecha Kucha Volume #17 on Thursday 28 April 2011.

We teamed up with Antony di Mase (architect) and Dave Anderson (lighting designer) and asked speakers to answer a simple question: ‘what is light?’ Each of the speakers had something different to share – whether it be about artificial or daylighting in architecture, stage lighting, or capturing light through photography.

This very special volume of Pecha Kucha Night was located in an amazing basement space in Donkey Wheel House. We also collaborated with the organisers of an exhibition which was held in the same space at the same time – over fifty child+parent teams had made lamps out of recycled materials! There was a beautiful glow to the space and was most definitely inspiring!

Here are some photos of the night, by photographers Claire Miller and Neo Feliciano:

Location: Donkey Wheel House – basement, 673 Bourke St, Melbourne
Thursday 28 April, doors open 6.00pm

What is Light?

here studio is teaming up with Antony Di Mase and Dave Anderson to bring you this very special volume of Pecha Kucha Light.

As part of the global Pecha Kucha ‘Inspire Japan’ series, all proceeds will go to Architecture for Humanity for projects in Japan, Christchurch, Concepcion, and Haiti.

David Poulton, studio dp
Volker Haug, luminaire designer
Stephen Hennessy, Stephen Hennessy Art & Design
Paul Beale, Electrolight
Nicola Andrews, stage lighting designer
Steve Wright, Light Well Design
Stefan Preuss, Sustainability Victoria
Adele Locke, IES The Lighting Society
David Becker, Point of View
Kire Boegevski, 2B Designed
Matt Irwin, Matt Irwin Photography

Tickets $10 / $5 Concession, minimum donation.

info [at] pechakuchamelbourne [dot] com